Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Believe me

Don't believe me when I say we are or are not going to do something or go somewhere. I tend to change my mind a lot. ;) Sunday night I posted that we would not return to Disneyland until after Halloween and that Jim would spend a few days working from home. I was wrong about both. Yesterday Jim dropped me and the boys off at Dland and headed off to work. It was my first time there all day alone with the boys and we had a BLAST together!

Jim IS working from home today and is starting to feel better. Thank you to everyone asking about him.

Here's a few moments from yesterday's outing:

Every now and then Johnny comes to me and says "I have an idea for a funny picture Mom".
This is one of them.
My boys: They make me so proud when we are out in public. They are such good boys! Sometimes I just need to spend time around lots of other kids to remember how good ours are. It was not difficult at all to spend all day with them at Dland by myself.

Kyle took this picture of Luke and me just HAYnging out. Check out the girl in the corner of the picture doing the classic "oops, I didn't realize you were taking a picture". Cracks me up!

Do you think I can get one of these for home? Discipline has a whole new look.

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Mandy said...

Yeah Angela, can't wait to see you at Disneyland next week!! I'm SO looking forward to it. I hope my kids are having a "good behavior day" too --- we do get those every now and then!! :)