Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ultrasound and holding your baby

No, don't ask...I'm not pregnant! :) However, my Mom put into words today exactly how I felt and about our children. I loved our children before I had even met them but now that I've met them I feel that being apart from them is so much more painful. My Mom made the comment about how Mom's love their babies when they see the ultrasound but it's not the same as when you see the baby and hold it for the first time. So true, that is exactly what it's like!

Today we got very discouraging news. We were very hopeful that we would be told to come and get all 5 of our kids any day now and due to A LOT of problems on the Haiti government end... our paper work is just stuck and our new estimated time for being able to get Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie has been pushed all the way to October! This will put us over 2 1/2 years from when we agreed to adopt Lovenie. We would never have imagined we would still be waiting and it was extremely painful news.

Also--even worse news... We had a home study update and updated paper work and I took it to Haiti when I went. The director promised to do all he could to see if there is any way that he could get Jacques and Vilner pushed through the process to join our other children and come home at the same time. We found out tonight that this would have been permitted just a month ago but things change so quickly in Haiti that the rules have already changed and IBESR is insisting that not only will they not rush them to catch them up to our other children but that we have to wait until we get Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie home and adjusted and then do another home study and start the process all over again. This could mean they won't be home for years from now and I'm so totally heart broken by this news.

We, unfortunatly, are not the only ones. Hundreds of families are in limbo just waiting for their paper work to be processed and it is not happening as the people in the positions to do something about it are waiting to be bribed (really crummy). There is a whole lot of corruption going on and it's hurting a lot of families. Tomorrow (Friday) many of us adoptive families are going to stick together and dedicate the day to prayer and fasting and asking for the Lord's help. We ask that if you feel led, please join us in prayer for the many hurting families and the children that are waiting to come home.

Thank you so much! Angela

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Jeff, Tanya, Taylor, Kaya, Alexis, Tristan, Eli and Stevenson said...


I read your blog often and was heartbroken to read today's entry- 2 and a half years is too long to wait to bring your children home... of course I am sure you would wait forever.... the Haitian government is so frustrating.... I keep wondering- can't anybody do anything to control the corruption??
Your family is wonderful- the ones in Haiti and the ones at home- your joy in spite of bad times is awe inspiring...
God bless you