Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More pictures from Haiti

Our Haiti family: Birth Mom Vilcianne, baby Vilner 1, Jude 9, Lovenie 2, Me, Stephanie 11, and hiding in the back is our Jacques 15.

Right before recording a message from their Birth Mom- Kez, Vilcianne, Me, and Lovenie.
Sadly, Kez will not be there when I go again. She will be back home with her family (which I'm sure they are thrilled about). I will miss her so much and it won't be the same without her. There will be a new Missionary, Nikki, that will move in about a month before we get there so it will be great to meet her and give her our support and encouragement!

The "guys" hanging out in our room---They were SO great!!

Looking for a good movie to watch--- they are going to love the DVD collection so many people are contributing to. We plan to deliver it to them on our trip. They will be so thrilled. Thank you to everyone helping with that! (PS- the pictures where the kids are all in blue and white is their school uniforms)

Just how cute can one kid be????

My wonderful friend Alexandra. She was my email pal before my first trip and it was so exciting to meet each other. The letters she writes are so beautiful so my Mom and I worked together to make her the gift she is holding. It's filled with personal stationary we made for her with her name on it and lots of other very pretty pens, pencils, and so much more. She really liked it and I came home with a letter from her on one of her stationary papers. I found out on Easter (while I was there) that it was her birthday. I wish I had known to hold off and give her the gift on that day!

Below: Good times, These pictures are all taken in the room that Amy and I stayed in and we were swarmed constantly with the kids. It was wonderful. They were so much fun!!!!!

Forgive me: I couldn't resist ending with a picture of my precious daughter Lovenie!
I can't wait to get back there and love on these fun sweet kids!!! From the moment we got out of the car they swarmed us with hugs, kisses, drawings, and welcome letters. We were all instant friends and they are all so precious!
If you would like information about joining the mission team going from June 29th-July 5th please let me know ASAP at angnjim@sbcglobal.net
I will be adding more pictures of these great kids soon!

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Great Pictures ... you guys are going to have an exciting summer and fall!

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