Monday, May 21, 2007

A day of Goodbye's

Today is a day of sad goodbyes, especially for two women that I love as sisters and am many miles away from. Today is the Memorial Day for our friend Bill in Texas. Please pray for his wife and two young sons and everyone who loves Bill as we all say Goodbye for now, but we will see you again soon. I have a beautiful picture of Bill with his family but can not get it to scan and post. I'll share it soon if I can get it to work. Bill was a very kind man with a great laugh. We had the honor of knowing him and his family for several years and I love his wife Shelley like a sister. I remember when I first met her and we talked about her sons who I found out they adopted from Russia together (long before we knew we would be adopting internationally also). When I asked her about how they managed all the costs she told me about all the ways they scraped and saved, worked extra jobs, and the thing that I remember most was her telling me that Bill sold his Harley Davidson to help with the adoption fees. Last week I was praying for Shelley and I had an image flash in my mind of Bill flying fast by on a Harley, laughing loud, while he zoomed down streets of gold! I wish I were able to be in Texas to hug Shelley and our many friends. I will instead be here in CA quietly saying our goodbye for nows to Bill and sending up many prayers for my dear friend Shelley.

Above photo is of Jefthe, Kez, and Emmanuel

Today is also a day of sad goodbye's for Kez and the kids of Hope for the children of Haiti and New Life Link. Kez has been living with them for several months and has such a great bond with them. There are many tears already, and I'm sure many more to come. It is especially hard for the children/teens to say goodbye to someone they love when they have questions like: Why does everyone I love leave me? Knowing this also makes it harder on Kez. They will keep in touch by email but they are all feeling a lot of pain from goodbye's today as she is down to just hours left with them.

Please join me in prayer today for my sisters Shelley and Kez, and for Shelley's children and the children of HFC and NLL. Thank you.


Ericka said...

Praying on this sad day. I hate goodbyes and living far from my family I understand the pain.
Here's a huge hug!!!!

Shelley said...

Thank you Angela for the beautiful post and for the image of Bill riding on streets of Gold on hus Harley. It brought tears to my eyes but a comfort to my heart. I love you very much and miss you!