Saturday, May 26, 2007

May Update Photo

Every month we get an update photo from the orphanage. We always look forward to it! This is the first time they have included Jacques in the update photo so it's extra special. We miss them so much. They are all healthy and doing well. Lovenie turns 3 in a couple of weeks and still only weighs 19 lbs. Our paper work is still stuck and has not moved at all but the good news is that there are some things happening with Jacques adoption that is reassuring. The only one not in the photo is little brother Vilner age 1. He is still at home with his mother and will be there with her as long as she is able to care for him and continue to nurse him. I'm so glad I got to meet him (and their Mom) while in Haiti and I'm so happy they have this time together. Please continue to pray for their health and safety.

We have received wonderful letters mostly from Jacques as his English is very good. We sent Dr. Bernard (the orphanage director and lawyer) an email letting him know that if we can't get Jacques home we will need his help finding us a job in Haiti because we have to be with our son. He responded to us in good humour and reassured us that, Lord Willing, all will be done to make Jacques a US citizen.

Jacques reads our blog so I'm going to add this for him: Bonswa Cheri, Ki kote souri ou? Ou tre bel. Mwen renmen ou anpil. Renmen, Mom

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