Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Family Fun Day!

Jim's parents were here for a visit (Nana and Papa) and when we were trying to decide what to do with our day together Nana suggested a place that she always sees from the freeway and wants to take the kids to called Scandia. It's pretty close to our house and so it was decided that they would take us all there for a birthday present to Luke (who turns 4 next month)
Nana, Papa, Johnny, Jim, Kyle, and Johnny playing miniature golf.
When we started playing Kyle and Johnny kept calling our shots birdies, eagles, bogies, or par. I wondered how they knew these terms and then remembered that they have a golf Playstation 2 game. :) I made a hole in one at the 18th (and last) hole and a siren went off and I won a ticket for a free game in the future.
Kyle, Luke, Jim, and Johnny in front of the castle on the miniature golf course

Me and Kyle speeding by on the race cars

Kyle waving to Papa as we make another lap around the race track (we had passed Dad and Johnny). Kyle got braver and by the end of the day was driving the race car himself. I was thinking of Jacques, Stephanie, and Jude and how I can't wait for them to come home and race with us too. They would all be big enough to drive their own race cars.
Jim and Johnny: You can barely see the top of Johnny's head over Jim's knee. Poor Jim is so tall that his legs stuck out of everything or he had to sit kind of sideways on the rides. On the roller coaster there was a sign that if you are over 6 feet tall you can not raise your hands on the ride or you might hit beams. Sure enough there were some pretty low beams and he couldn't raise his hands and said if he were any taller he would have to duck! I got to raise my hands all I wanted on the roller coaster-- the joy of being short!

Luke finally got brave enough to ride the race cars too. Doesn't he look so tiny in the picture? Once he did it we had to do it again and again. I thought he would be afraid of it but when I was going full speed he yelled to me "Can't this go any faster?"
Me and Luke on the pink elephant and Kyle behind us on the green dragon. Luke was too scared to go on it without me at first and there is a lever you can pull to make it go up and down and he only wanted to stay down. By the end of the day he wanted to ride alone and spent the whole ride as high in the air as he could get it. This ride was called something that had to do with a zoo... I want to know where you can find a zoo with a green dragon!
Johnny getting ready to take off on his flying green dragon.
Kyle, Johnny, and Me with Luke at the top of the giant slide
On our way down. This is a picture of Kyle and Johnny breaking the rules as you are supposed to only slide down sitting up. We did not know those rules until later and the person working there never said anything so they did not get in trouble for it but once I saw the sign I did make them go down following the rules.
Kyle, Johnny, Me and Luke at the bottom of the slide. Luke may not look very happy but as soon as we would stop he would jump up and run to the stairs to go down again!
Bumper Boats: Jim, Kyle, and Johnny battled it out on the water with their bumper boats with. They each had their own boat and we were impressed with how well Johnny and Kyle could drive theirs. Jim got stuck under one of the fountains that shoots out a stream of water and his boat died with him right under it and he couldn't get out. We laughed and laughed and Jim and the boys all got off the ride soaked! They were so cold and shivering and I ran to the car to get them sweatshirts that I thought to grab right before leaving the house. They were very grateful for them.
Jim and Johnny colliding as Kyle makes his escape.

Luke and Me in a little airplane. This is while he still wouldn't go on the ride by himself and only wanted to stay down on the rides that went up.
Luke got over his fears and flying high by himself on an airplane. Will he be a pilot someday like his Papa?
We had such a great time with Nana and Papa and this day was such a treat to our family.

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