Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Field Trip and Uncle David

Yesterday was another fun adventurous day for our family. Jim's brother, David, was in Costa Mesa for business. He lives in Arizona so we jumped at the chance to drive just a half hour away to spend the afternoon with him. Jim had the day off work and so we decided to take the boys on a field trip while we waited for David to get into town and settled. We went to a botanical gardens place and we all enjoyed it so much. It was a paradise! The boys really enjoyed learning about all the different flowers and plants, and we all felt so relaxed surrounded by the gorgeous flowers and water fountains. What a peaceful place!

Me, Jim, Luke, Kyle, and Johnny together in front of one of the beautiful fountains.
The boys striking a pose in front of some very colorful flowers.

Again with the jungle boys: This one brought out Luke's "inner tiger"

We were all so excited to see David. Uncle David to our boys, of course! He treated us all to a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Photo is of Jim, Luke, Kyle, David, and Johnny
After Dinner we got to go back to David's hotel with him for a fun time of swimming. Here are the brothers: David and Jim.
Hey, look, I'm finally in the water! The hotel keeps the pool heated to 88 degrees- It was so great! Photo is of me swimming and hanging out with Johnny (in the tube) and Kyle. While the pool was fun I spent most of my time in the hot tub... Oh, so great!
Fun pool time for the boys with Dad and Uncle David
We had so much fun, and it was so great to hang out with David. He's a great guy and we all love him very much. Thanks for showing us such a great time David!!!

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