Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pizza my heart in Haiti

Pretty Princess Stephanie- I hear she sweetly helped serve.

Princess Stephanie enjoying her pizza. Good thing we have 6 brothers to look after her...she's just way too pretty!

Jude getting ready to chow down.

Happy and refreshed and OH SO CUTE!

First thing we will do is teach him how to use a chair. Kidding of course...If I know our Jude he was using his muscles to help set up or clean up. He wore this shirt when I visited. It makes me miss our handsome young man so much!!!

Two of our beautiful children sitting with the many great kids. But they are not just any two kids in the crowd. God's so kind to us that they are our kids!!

Please forgive my "cheesy" pun about the pizza in the subject line, and then again forgive my "cheesy" pun about it being "cheesy". Thanks.
To so many of us pizza is a treat but we have access to it nearly when ever we want. For these deserving kids in Haiti it is indeed a great treat... so much so that you throw a party for the occasion! :) They even got SODA! What a great time they must have had. I can't wait to hang out chowing down pizza with all our kids home...boy are we going to have to order a lot of pizza for a family of 10!
PS- I didn't see Jacques in the pictures. Did you get some too Jacques?


Kez said...

Yes, Jacques got some too. He was hiding in the far corner of the room listening to music and there he stayed until we started playing soccer in the courtyard. I wouldn't exactly call him a party animal.

ange said...

the top photo of Stephanie has MaeLynne written ALL over it, they look SO similar at times.
love ya