Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just another boring school day...NOT!

Some of you may be wondering if there is anything going on with our family that is here in America. The answer is... Oh ya! We are very busy and having fun together. Many of you know that I home school our children. It is very important to me that our kids are learning but I also believe learning can be LOTS of fun!! This morning we started off as always...with prayer and bible study. Today's talk was about Noah's Ark and was ended by playing a song about Noah's Ark called Get On The Boat. We all danced around the house acting crazy (yes, even me). I got a video clip of Johnny and Kyle dancing (if you can call it that) to this song. I also sent a link of this video to their brothers and sisters in Haiti and asked them to hurry home so they can teach their blaze (crazy) blanc (white) brothers to dance!!!

The video is only about 30 sec. long and is REALLY goofy! Here is the link:

Now that we are all wound up and wide awake, we are off to do the rest of school. We hope you're having as much fun as we are today!

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