Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Pretty Princess and Sleeping beauty

Stephanie all dolled up for church and wearing her new shoes

Stephanie's new princess sandles

Bon nwit Jacques, Domi Byen Cheri
Here are the most recent pictures from Haiti. Stephanie is styling and stunning in a dress I brought to her when I went to Haiti, that was given to her by a friend and sandels that Nikki, the new missionary, delivered to her as a gift from us. We sent the boys watches. We have not heard if they like them yet, but we are hopeing that they do. The shoes look so pretty on Stephanie!
Jacques looks so handsome and peaceful while he sleeps. I can not wait until he is sleeping here at home! Sometimes I can't believe that he looks so grown up already. I may have missed a lot of his growing up but I am so very thankful God would let me be a Mom to him for the rest of his many years to come! I hope he grows up just like his Dad and treats his future wife the way that his Dad treats me, and that she will love him as much as I love his Dad.

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Julie said...

You are obviously going to be a way cooler mom than I am. Marissa adores those sandals...

I dress boring. You just wait to find out!