Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SO like Father like Son!

After my mention of being so thrilled about getting a picture of Jacques smiling I got these pictures sent to me in an email and was amused at how they came about: So after you raved about how great it was to have a photo of Jacques smiling, I pinned him down and held a mango to his head until he agreed to smile for a few more.

God just keeps surprising us with the neatest things! Take Jacques's name for instance. We refer to him as Jacques in the French sound, My Dad calls him Jack because that is what it sounds like he calls himself with an accent on a video. My husband and I were discussing this and right after that talk I looked on a chat site where someone else posted a question about a boy named Jacques that she is adopting from Haiti. They plan to call him Jack when he comes to America. Someone else responded that while people commonly think Jack is the American version of Jacques because they kind of sound the same that the actual American version of Jacques is James. WHAT???? We've checked it out and found this to be true. I've gone on and on about how blown away I am at how much Jacques reminds me of my husband Jim (full name James). Their personalities are so similar that if they didn't look so different anyone that knew them would be certain they were Father and son from birth. Now to find out they share the same name! Get outta here!!!! :) We thought that was pretty cool. The neat thing is that when the HFC directors found Jacques in the hospital he told them his name was Jacobain. They broke the one name up into two names making it Jacques Obain. I wonder if God planted that in their heads knowing that years later His plan would come together and now this boy was named after the Father God chose for him. I can picture God smiling as He knows Jacques and our future and knew how much that would mean to us.

I was excited and emailed Jacques to see if he knew he had the same name as his Dad. He knew that the American version of Jacques was James but since he had only heard of his Father being called Jim it had never connected that they were both James. God's so good as He continues to constantly confirm His plan in our life and bless us with so many great surprises.

Here is a link that tells you exactly how to pronounce his name (you must hit the play button for it to work):


Anonymous said...

He's handsome!


Julie said...

What a wonderful photo. I can't help thinking that the kids from Haiti are just beautiful...

Wonderful smile!

Julie (now blogging here)

Ericka said...

This just popped into my head, can you bring Jacques here on a student visa???

Britney said...

Very coool! I'm from Haiti and didn't even know that Jacques was French for James! Ha! Love you blog by the way!

LeAnne The Haiti Lady said...

Get your ball bat ready to beat off those girls....he is SO handsome!

Love ya,