Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day BBQ/Eastvale Fellowship

Above photo's are some of the many great people that attend the Calvary Eastvale Fellowship. They have become like family to us and are such a precious gift to our family!

Kyle cruising at the park on his Harley Motorcycle

Our friend Mathew taking Johnny's truck for a spin.

Luke's as good of a driver as he is cute!

Johnny had a swinging good time.
We played the water balloon toss game. One look at this picture and you can tell what team lost! Jim and Luke surprisingly came out the champions!
Johnny trying to blow up a balloon and friends Kyle and Mathew trying to fit into the truck together
This was our funnest time at the park as the balloon is filled with water and we as a team had to keep it on the blanket or risk the chance of getting wet. This was the first time we played this game and we all laughed and laughed and were disappointed when we broke our last balloon (which suspiciously always seemed to land next to me...I'm just saying....)
To see a 26 second video of this funny game in action click here:

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