Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 Teenage boys have found their families!!!

Jefthe, Kez, and Emmanuel
Job at the pizza party

Bernadin and Kez
Anyone that knows me or follows my blog knows that while in Haiti I just totally fell in love with the teen boys and want so much for them to find a home. Not only is it way less likely for a child to be adopted in their teen years but girls are adopted even more often then boys are so the odds of teen boys finding a home become so slim. These were some of the neatest boys I had ever met and Kez and I began to pray specifically that the teen boys would find homes.
Not long after that a mission team spent some time with them and now that they are home the process has been started by two different families to adopt Jefthe, Bernadin, and Job. Bernadin and Job are going to be brothers! I've met these boys and they are each so sweet. I've also talked with their new Mom's by email and they are going to really loving homes that are so excited to have them. Also in the photo above is Emmanuel. I had posted him in the past as a teen looking for a home. I met him and just adore him. He has however turned 16 already and is no longer legally adoptable. So we will just keep praying for him from here in America.
I've also heard there is another family from the mission trip that is praying about possibly adopting another really neat teen boy who is 15 and will turn 16 soon. I won't post who he is because I know that my blog is sometimes read by the kids in Haiti. I'll update you if the family commits officially to the adoption.
Next month I have the honor of going with a great mission team. Please pray that God would prepare all of our hearts to go and love on these great kids and thank Him for the answered prayers as the teen boys are finding homes!!! God's so good.


ange said...

I had not heard about Jepthe until reading your post, my heart is happy for him but I feel a loss
Thanks for sharing and I will pray things move along quickly for all boys

Heather said...

How wonderful! I am sad for Emmanuel though. It must be so hard for him to see others find families and now he can't. Does he have a sponsor? Perhaps he could be loved on from afar(: