Friday, May 11, 2007

Indulging in some serious bragging!!!

Okay, God has seriously blessed us with extremely intelligent kids! They must get it from their Dad! What causes me to make mention of this is that our children in Haiti just got their report cards so it brings me to thinking about how well all our kids are doing.


Kyle, age 8, 3rd grade- home schooled and doing great despite who he got stuck with for a teacher (me). Kyle recently read and understood the entire Chronicles of Narnia! Yes, every story. And even more impressive-- He did read all 7 books in a little over a week. I didn't even read them that quickly! He's so smart!

Johnny, age 6, 1st grade- home school as well. I can't believe the things this boy reads. It's unbelievable. Also, I noticed that he was a real whiz in math and decided one day to set down our white board and write out huge numbers (we are talking in the millions) for him to add and subtract and he was able to do every one of them perfectly!

Luke, age 3 (4 next month)- We have decided that Luke is just a freak of nature when it comes to how smart he is. He's almost 4 but even when he had just turned 3 he was able to to say and write all of the Alphabet. He also reads a little. The big words he uses in conversation always surprises us and leaves us thinking "How old is he again?". He's so smart!

Report Cards from Haiti: If I understand correctly a perfect score (which is almost impossible to receive) is a 9.

Jacques, age 15, 9th grade- attends school at the orphanage in Haiti. He speaks 4 languages (fortunately including English) and excels in school. Last quarter he was 2nd in his class! This quarter he was disappointed when he came in 6th in his class but we are so very proud of him and think that he is exceptional!!!

Stephanie, age 11, 1st grade (was not able to attend school before coming to the orphanage). She received 8's in some subjects and her lowest scores were still a 7 in others. Way to go Stephanie. We are so proud of you!!!

Jude, age 9, 1st grade (also just started school after coming to the orphanage). I just receive news about his score this morning and am stunned by how well he did. His total report card score was 8.71!!!! Unbelievable, almost the impossible perfect score. Wow!

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