Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mom's Cool Cuts Station

Johnny's Mohawk front view

Johnny's Mokawk side view

No Mohawk for Luke. He is our pickiest about his hair and he likes it nice and long.

Back view of Luke's hair cut and "Mom's Cool Cut's" Station
So when Kyle decide to go for it with his Mohawk Johnny told us over and over again that he would let me cut his hair but NO MOHAWK. He said it so many times and kept making us say we wouldn't do it. Then I did Kyle's Mohawk and Johnny surprised us all by thinking it was very cool and requesting one also. No way for Luke. He would be happy to wear his hair as long as he can which is fine with me because I think he pulls off the long haired look really cute. Then he was mistaken for a girl twice recently (maybe I should stop putting him in pink dresses) and he was ready to agree to let me cut it, but just a little bit.
The boys love the treat of going to a specialty kid's haircut place that has movies and games to choose from while you get your hair cut. So that they wouldn't feel too bummed about not going there Jim surprised them with a small tv and Playstation 2 in a bathroom that is almost never used (except for haircuts). They were so excited about it and called it Mom's Cool Cuts.

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Kez said...

I ADORE the new hairdos. Both my brothers have done mohawks, in fact my little brother kept his for 4 years. Tell the boys they look amazing and they should do it every day. I can't wait to show Jacques and Jude.