Saturday, May 05, 2007

Headed back to Haiti!! :)

If you read my post from a couple of days ago you would know that we received news about our adoption that was very hard to hear and even harder to accept. However, God is so very good! I will admit it still hurts especially to think about Jacques and Vilner, and especially Jacques since he is old enough to understand. He will be hearing the news tomorrow or the next day. Please pray for God to prepare him and bring him comfort as I have no doubt at all he will be just as upset as I was.

I allowed myself a couple hours of tears and anger until God said "Enough". God just continues to be so faithful and even during the pain I continue to feel so much joy also. I know without any doubt that God has a beautiful plan in all of this that I can not see and I just pray His will be done... no matter the cost. Something neat about God's will is I do believe it is exactly what we would choose for ourselves if we had all the information (as God does) but we do not have all the information and that sometimes makes it harder to be willing to wait.

I just want to thank you all so much for the unbelievable amount of emails we received with so many kind words, encouragement, and even more importantly.. offers of prayer. I'm telling you-- I feel your prayers big time. I do believe if you continue to follow this blog that I will be sharing wonderful things and we will see so much good that will come from something that now seems so bad. I trust God and put it in his hands!

One of the good things that has come from this is that I will be going on a mission trip with good friends and other adopting families I have not met yet. I am SO excited about this. On June 30th I will be hugging our children once again and this time staying even longer while a group of us are bringing lots of fun to the kids at HFC and NLL! I can't believe that God would allow me to be part of something so wonderful and exciting.

I again thank you for your emails and ask that you would please forgive me if I don't answer each one as I received so much kindness from you all that I don't think I could catch up with responding to everyone but please know it was such a major blessing to me and my family. If anyone would like information about joining our mission trip from June 29th- July 5th please email me at . It is open to anyone that loves God and wants to go share that love with some really amazing kids. However, I know now from the little time I was there before that anyone that goes will come back a changed person and the blessings are really heaped on those who have the honor of being with these great kids.

Joyfully, Angela

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