Thursday, February 28, 2008

The rest of the story

Okay after some time of simmering down about my frusterating day I think I can share what went on today. First of all... thanks again so much to all my friends that cheer with me when we get good news and boo with me at the bad. ;) I really am so grateful for it!!!

Updated Note: To anyone new to the my blog I thought the following may be confusing so I'll briefly explain~ I used to have seizures and CA is for some reason not fans of convulsing and driving. ;) So now my seizures are under control and I'm ready to drive again. Just wanted to clear that up before being branded as a wild outlaw... lol~

So it started out with me going to my DMV (department of motorized vehicles) hearing to attempt to get my drivers license back. Theoretically I should have been driving again many months ago but between errors on the part of DMV and my doctors/insurance company my case with DMV has opened and closed more times then the door to a public restroom! Each time my case is closed again it takes months more to get it back open and my license remains suspended. I had high hopes that today might end the madness. We left around 8AM to be there before my 9AM hearing. I showed up early and signed in. My hearing officer and the receptionist called me up to the desk and said that I was not on their schedule and asked to see my letter that showed what time I was to appear. They were both puzzled as my letter did say 9AM. The hearing officer asked me if I would wait for her to complete her other 9:00 appointment and then she would come and get me. No problem! So I wait nearly an hour just to be called to the desk again. The receptionist asks for my letter again and then points out the date to me. My hearing was not today it was TWO days ago!!! My case was once again closed because I did not appear and I would need to reschedule another appointment. At this point any pride I had was long gone and I began to beg and plead with her to see if I could get in at anytime today. She asked me to have a seat and she would see what she could do. At this point I was just about to totally lose it. In the past when my case was closed it would take me several months to get another appointment which means several more months of not being able to drive. So I sat and sat and sat. At 10:45 she finally called me back to the desk (I've now been waiting 2 hours) to tell me that no one could see me and I had to reschedule. I was so mad at myself. After months and months of delays due to mistakes other people have made I now had made the biggest of them all. I looked at that letter with the hearing information so many times. The only thing I can figure out is that the 28th is written at the bottom of the letter so I must have confused that with the 26th at the top of the letter. Now a little bit of sort of good news. The receptionist must have taken pity on me because there was one appointment available for Tuesday, March 4th and the rest were months away. I'll take it!!! So now I get to attempt it all again next week. Lets hope I can manage showing up on the right day!

Then we get home and I check emails~ always hopeful of news from Haiti. This is when I was in for another unpleasant surprise: When we moved here 2 years ago we were told that Jim's company would want us to move again in about 2 years. Since we thought this was going to be temporary we decided to rent a home. We've really enjoyed a gorgeous (and big) 6 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage home. Our lease ends at the end of next month so the owner of the home sent us a new lease to sign. I had to read it several times to make sure that I was really reading it correctly. We had been very up front with the Property management company about our adoptions before signing the original lease. I also made sure that the owner was aware of it to make sure that it would not be an issue later on. The new lease we received today actually said that we would agree to pay a large increase in rent when our children come home. It was very clear that our adopted children were the only reason for this increase. We actually would not have been mad if they just asked us straight to pay an increase but to use our additional children as an excuse did not sit well with us at all! Never before have I heard of anyone having to pay more because they had bio kids or adopted more children.

The big news is that we are now very seriously considering moving! On one hand I totally dread the idea of even more stress at what is already such a stress packed time in our life. However, this new lease, that at first made us kind of mad, got us looking online to see what other homes are going for. It turns out that if Jim is willing to commute just 15-20 minutes more each way we could save as much as $500-$700 a month on rent for an equally nice or nicer home. So now comes the decision... Do we hang tight in this house we really like and not add the stress of moving or is it totally worth it to just make a move happen and save a lot of money? We will need to make a decision soon so we can give our notice here. So it's time for lots of prayer about what we are supposed to be doing. It's totally not the best time to be adding more to our lives but may be worthwhile in the long run.

I apologize that this has become so long and rambling. I realize it is very likely it will not make any sense at all. This morning I woke up with hopes of celebrating the end of the drivers license nightmare and ended the day still unable to drive and now maybe having to find a new home, pack up and move. My brain is beyond fried and I'm totally wiped out. It will be interesting to see what comes of all of this.


Anonymous said...

I am soooooooo sorry to hear about the events of your day. How utterly frustrating!!!

Wow --- what a deal about the home lease. I've never heard of that either! Seems like there's some discrimination going on....


The Haiti Lady said...

DMV is Dept. of Motor Vehicles? I always thought it was Daft Moron Village??!! Huh...learn something new everyday! hehe
Love ya,

ange said...

You are a wild and crazy driver, does this really have anything to do with seizures? hehehe
love ya

Tim & Sarah said...

Praying to have a great appt. next week!

Ericka said...

WOW! Why does life always happen like this......?????
A lot to hash out...lots of prayer for discernment. I hope you path becomes very very clear and you are at peace. And come on DMV, what the heck!!!
Love ya,