Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Precious Love

Imagine that you are at home going about another normal day when your phone rings. You answer the phone having no idea at all that at that very moment your life was going to change in ways you could have never imagined in your wildest dreams! That is how little Love (Lovenie) came into our lives and she led Stephanie and Jude into our lives also, later followed by Jacques and Vilner. Isn't it amazing that a tragedy for one tiny little girl could bring so much good! We've continued to be amazed at the miraculous recovery she is having from her stroke as only God could do! We thank him for bringing Love and her siblings into our life the day we answered not only the phone call but the calling on our lives.

She is SMILING again!!! What a great sign this is.

I'm pretty sure she's saying "Come and get me Mama"

Full on pouting. Isn't she great at it? I've decided to add a caption to this picture that says "What do you mean you haven't processed my passport?" and send it to MOI. Do you think it will work?

MMMM... Cornflakes

Lord, Please bring home our little Love. My arms miss holding her and my heart aches to not be with her as she grows up.
Praying for more miracles!

These recent pictures taken by Bryn who is living with the kids in Haiti. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks so much Bryn!!!


acceptancewithjoy said...


I saw these photos on Bryn's blog and I couldn't believe the transformation in Lovenie!

Did you see the photo today of Jacques? He smiles!

The Haiti Lady said...

I love the pouty pic. When I saw it the other day on Bryn's blog I laughed so hard...she has some attitude there! Maybe sending it to MOI would either encourage them to complete the paperwork or flat scare them that she might come to the office for them! ;-P
Love ya,

Tim & Sarah said...

and what a beautiful smile she has! Praying she is home soon!

Rose Anne said...

God is so good! What wonderful Pic's. Love looks so healthy!!
It is her fighting spirit that the Lord has given her that helped her pull this off......
I can't wait and see the picture's of when they are home with you!!!
God Bless,
Rose Anne