Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How Sweet He Is!

This morning my day started out just about as fantastic as it could! I got not one but 2 letters from our sweet son Jacques!!! His sweetness, love, and faith overwhelms me. I love to read the letters from him and at the same time am tortured by them and they always leave me fighting off tears. He's just such a great kid and I can't believe that God would allow us to know and love him, much less call him our son! I usually don't share his private letters but since this one was for us, and other family members, I thought I would go ahead and share them:

Hello mom and dad,
How are you? I 'm very happy to write this letter. Last weekend i was at a camp and icome back to home. I played basketball and soccer. I soccored a goal with my head. I ate so much. I prayed so much too and i was blessed. I smile so much too 'cause my friend told me some jokes. The jokes were very funny. Everybody was very happy at the camp.
If you could be there i was very very happy. I miss and love you so much.
When i was at the i thought to you so much. I prayed for you. I 'thought to my brothers too. 'cause if they could be there i could playe with them. I love you so much.
Please say hi! to my brothers, grandpa and grandma ,uncle aunt and all my familly.
God bless you!
Sweet son and brothers:Jaaco:


Hello mom ,
how are you? I received your letter. I love it. No i didn't go to the beach but we are going to the beach this saturday. I hope i will have a good time. Please say to my brothers be patient for God knows everything and can do everything.
I love you so much.
xoxo. Sweet son and brother"Jaco".


Anonymous said...

How precious! Maybe he needs to be the one to marry Abby!


Anonymous said...

OH Angela! I'm in tears! What a wonderful blessing you have there! Father, please help all 5 children come home soon.
Love and Laughter,

Amy said...

AAAAWWWWW! Angela, that is just so wonderful!!! What a sweet sweet boy!!