Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Mom/ Bad Mom

The very delightful Bryn is currently living with the teens at Hope for the Children of Haiti. From there she feeds us priceless information, contact, pictures, and video's of the kids that we love so much. She has a great blog at where you can follow her journey in Haiti with all these really fantastic kids! Last week she posted a contest on her blog just sharing the smiles of many of the kids to see if we could figure out who the smiles belong to.

I was pretty sure when I guessed that this smile belonged to our sweet Jacques and I was right!

However, Our ALWAYS smiling Jude was also in the contest and while I thought this might be him I was not totally sure so did not answer on this one. But there it is... Another one of the smiles that melts my heart in an instant.

1 comment:

Ericka said...

vent away baby, vent away.
Three years is not just long, it's ridiculous.
Your weekend sounded really terrible, I'm so sorry....
hee hee :)