Monday, February 18, 2008

It's In The Bag

These days if I say something is in the bag I probably mean it literally. I got two really fantastic bags in the last week. One was the over the top pink and black (totally girly) bag that was in the pictures/video from the limo ride. My Mom sent it to me as a gift and she got it from one of my favorite stores ever in the town where she lives. The store is called La De Da and is filled with nothing except over the top girl shopping. Everything that sparkles or frills can be found there.
Then I got the above pictured purse yesterday. Jim atempted to get it for me as an anniversary gift but we had some problems with the staff at the store we went to and couldn't get our hands on this purse (even though it was paid for) for over a month. I had to get ahold of the store owner to end the craziness. So- I now have it and LOVE it. It's the softest leather I've ever felt. The first picture is of the front and you can see the very suttle NOTW on the front (Not of this world) and on the back is the matching stitching as the Hope/Jer. 29:11 wallet I got for Christmas and the material in the middle of the purse has Jer. 29:11 written on it. We got this purse from a store my teen nephew introduced me to at Thanksgiving. It has some very cool stuff that you can check out at While our experience with them at our local store has not been fantastic, I've been in to another store that had really wonderful service and as soon as I contacted the owner of our local store the problem was immediately resolved and I received a very kind letter from them.
Other non-bag related updates: Still not sure what day we will be headed to Haiti but we got a lot of things for the trip taken care of yesterday. My flu is finally gone and I have almost everything I wanted to take so am anxiously waiting word that we can head to Haiti!
I read this morning that 51 files were signed out of MOI just last week. My heart pounded as I couldn't help praying "please let our kids be among them". With hundreds of children waiting to be signed out I am also trying not to get my hopes up but I can at least be very excited that it means 51 children GOING HOME!

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