Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Brady Bunch

Because there is an unwritten law that you HAVE to have your picture taken here when you go to Disneyland.

Johnny, Maddie, and Kyle
During the Electrical Parade

So this is the second time we have been able to benefit from living near Disneyland in this way. One of the greatest blessings during the very long (and grueling) wait of these adoptions has been that we have been able to connect with and form the most wonderful friendships with other waiting families! Many of them I've just known from online but gradually I've been able to meet some of these friends in person too. This happened again yesterday when the Brady family flew in for their family vacation. They graced us with the honor of getting to tag along. Just like when we met up with Mandy and Bryn and family... We were instantly comfortable with them and it was as if we were hanging out with long time friends! Their 8 year old daughter, Maddie, had our whole family totally charmed but especially our boys. She's totally adorable! We had such a blast and we must not have scared them off too much because we've been invited back for more fun with them this Sunday. We are already counting the moments until we get to hang out with them again. It was so hard to part Kyle and Johnny from their daughter when it was time to leave last night. The three of them kept trying to come up with suggestions to stay together or get together before Sunday. It was really cute.
Please pray for the Brady family as they are at the very beginning of the adoptions of two adorable twin sons from Haiti.

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Mandy said...

Oh man, reliving our time there makes me want to COME BACK. We keep saying we aren't going back until our Haitians are wtih us, but luckily, we haven't writtent hat in stone!! :)