Friday, February 01, 2008

Lost and Side Show Bob

After 8 months without it we finally got to see the premier of Lost last night!!! It was a major event around here because we are totally hooked on the show. As always the show did not disappoint and we were wanting more when it was over. How much longer until Thursday??
The boys set up the living room in an island/Lost theme for us
They spent the time during the 2 hour premier upstairs in our room
watching movies past bedtime. So they were happy too!
Kyle drew up this very informational map for us to use if we get lost or confused

Side Show Bob

An Important Announcement: Let it be known that from here on out Luke's nickname is no longer Bobo but will be known as Side Show Bob. When he was 2 he would call anything and anyone Bobo so thus he himself was named Bobo and has been called that for 2.5 years now. As Bobo started to grow into a big boy his harrassing us increased. A few nights ago we were playing a card game with his brothers and Luke was running around trying to steal cards from us all. That's when I blurted out "listen here Side Show Bob"-- That's all it took. It just stuck, so Side Show Bob it is!

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