Monday, February 25, 2008

Just another Crummy Weekend.........

Our really tough and crummy weekend went something like this.....

Friday- Jim HAD to stay home from work and play with us. He also HAD to go to court for a silly traffic ticket and won the case and the ticket was dismissed. Then we HAD to celebrate by meeting up at Disneyland with the Brady family who it turns out~~ just happens to be one of the funnest families we've ever had the pleasure of hanging out with!

Saturday- We HAD to sleep in late and then watch a movie before even getting out of bed. Then we HAD to go to a birthday party for one of our favorite of people on this earth (Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!) where we were forced to play some of our favorite games and eat Jim's (friend Jim, not to be confused with my husband) delicious bbq. We HAD to leave that party to attend a "Dessert" party and get together for families who are or have adopted. We met some really neat people and saw the most beautiful children of so many nationalities all blending perfectly together in their families. It was so cool to hear the many stories of these families being brought together through adoption and every one of them was of course exciting and incrediable!

Sunday- We HAD to attend yet another service at the church that we totally love going to. Then we HAD to go to Disneyland again to spend another day riding rides and laughing together with the Brady family.

Yep... just another nearly unbearable weekend! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Marissa told me that her favorite times are when we are so busy, our life so full that we feel like we are going crazy... Marissa HAD better move to California when she grows up so she can force herself enjoy such deplorable conditions.