Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting Closer

I just received this information from NLL in an email:

Your children are still in MOI. I have just asked one the people that's working on our dossiers at MOI, she told me there is no problem with your dossier, and then Lovenie might have been signed but not out yet from MOI.

So I'm thrilled to hear there is no problem that might hold us up even longer. It sounds promising that Lovenie has been signed but I don't understand her being signed but not out of MOI. Any adopting readers that might know what this means? So, while not HUGE news it is just enough to reignite some hope that we may get the news we are so anxious to hear very soon!!!


Renee said...

Yippee!! Exciting!! Maybe your file was in 'approved' it's just waiting to be moved to immigration.

Can't wait to hear!!

The Haiti Lady said...

They sometimes (usually) sign a dossier but not officially realease it. Nothing is wrong, it is done, but they prefer to 'hold on to it' for a little bit and relasee in groups it appears!
Love ya,

Angela said...

WOO HOO... thanks for the info LeAnne!!!

The Tall Frys & Small Frys said...

When we were in MOI last summer, our O told us that are file were signed and were ready to go back to Immigration, but that one other file in our "group" had something needing a fix so the whole "group" had to wait. I never quite understood that (if it was a group from our O--or a group that entered MOI together and had to go back to Immigration together) and never could get clarity.
But from what we were told, our files were signed a couple of weeks before they made it back for printing at immigration. That's just our experience.
Feel free to email me at if I can be any help.
Congrats too! Progress! Yeah!

Ericka said...

Oh Angela!!
That is great news!!!!
Please God, please keep it moving along.......