Friday, February 08, 2008

Let's not forget...

This picture was taken earlier this week when we were just hanging out and the boys were being sweet. I've been blogging quite a bit about our kids in Haiti recently so I thought I would take time out to share about our really amazing boys at home.

Kyle- Kyle (age 9) has been doing really great work in his very tough 4th grade curriculum. He's continued to keep straight A's (graded by the computer program, not just Mom). More importantly is that he can't get enough bible reading time! He has a kid friendly daily bible and is way ahead of the date because he doesn't want to stop reading when the days reading is over. He is often excitedly sharing with us what he is learning and talks about how exciting the bible is. I think he's going to follow in the footsteps of his Papa.

Johnny (age 7)- Kids just don't get any sweeter then this little guy! Whenever Jim or I ask him to do anything at all he almost always immediatly does what we ask with a sweet smile and great attitude. He's doing great in Second grade but especially excells at Math as he grasps concepts that shock me when he picks it up so quickly. His favorite subject is Science. I think he will be following in the footsteps of his Dad. Could we have another Chemical Engineer in the family?

Luke(age 4)- He's a real piece of work- that's for sure! He can turn on the charm like crazy or turn in to the most stubborn little person ever. Comes with the age. When he is sweet he is REALLY sweet! Yesterday we were in the innovention center when Luke took a time out from playing games to run over to me and plant a whole bunch of kisses on my face followed by a big hug. One of the employees saw that was working near us came over to meet him and tell him what a sweet and good little boy he is. He is still continuing to read at a rate that amazes us. I would think he's at least at a first grade reading level and picks up new words like it is no struggle at all. He sure is a smart little guy!

Pictures from yesterday's trip to Disneyland:

The boys on the A of the California sign in front of California Adventure Park

All 3 boys love to go to the Innovention building at Disneyland. This building is insane as it has tons of game consolse and games to choose from. Above is Kyle playing one of his favorite games (Thrillville off the rails) and Johnny sitting next to him watching. This gaming area has screens facing the person that is playing and a larger TV on the other side so that anyone who wants to can watch them play.

Luke in the long tube playing on the big screen.

Luke can jump into any new game and figure out how to play it (How do kids do that?). Here he is playing a new game in these strange circles chairs.

Back view of the circle gaming area.
In summary: Children in Haiti- AMAZING! Children in the US- AMAZING!
Am I one really blessed Mom or what???

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