Thursday, February 07, 2008

Disneyland Date

California Adventure Park

Jim in front of the 180' drop ride- Maliboomer

We just had to take time to ride the Sun Wheel with a swinging Gondola. Our kids are always afraid to try it so we always end up on the stationary Gondola's.

This is what I get when I make a comment like "I think I got some good footage"

Hands down-- FAVORITE ride! The Hollywood Tower of Terror. It's such a blast! We were talking with the guys behind us in line. They were visiting from Canada and it was their first time to ride. One of the guys kept saying he was sure the ride would be a "Hoot" over and over again (is that a Canadian expression?). After the ride ended I asked him what he thought and the word out of his mouth was not Hoot and not repeatable. ;) Very fun ride.

Inside the Tower of Terror

In line for the Indiana Jones ride.

Such a rebel! The sign says "Do Not Pull Rope"

Getting in the car for the last ride of the day on Indiana Jones
Date 9 of 10 was a lot of fun to remember what Disneyland is like without children, a stroller, or riding kid rides. A big part of the joy of Disneyland though is seeing your children so happy. So... I'm off again in a little while to spend the day at Disneyland again, but this time with 3 little boys. They were bummed they didn't go yesterday so I'm going to make it up to them today.


Tim & Sarah said...

What a great date! This would totally be up my alley~

Beka said...

Do I win the prize for being right two times in a row? :-)