Friday, February 08, 2008

For Beka

For guessing correctly 3 times in a row (cruise, ATV's, and Disneyland) about what date we will be doing next. Way to go Beka! :) I wish the prize could have been a trip back to Haiti to see your babies again but for now I hope you will accept this picture of an award and the promise of many prayers for your family as you wait to bring home your twins!!

Lots of Love,

We are still looking for ways to celebrate the final date. Keeping in mind that we are not planning any overnighters and the date will likely need to be around 6-8 hours at the most. Please send any great ideas my way!


Beka said...

You are too sweet, my friend! I love the award even though a trip to Haiti would be the best. Wow! I made the headline on your blog!!!!:-)

Okay, if you like the beach, you could drive down to Coronado, go to a little bakery for breakfast. The place is called Villa Nueva (they have the best croissant and bakery items plus omelets) and they have outside seating on the sidewalk as well as inside if it is cool or you just like to be inside better. You could walk along the street and look in the gift shops, stop at Starbucks, have your hubby buy you a rose at the flower cart right on the road and then walk along the boardwalk by the Hotel Del and pick up lots of sand dollars.

Inexpensive, no overnight stay required, lots of sun and a beautiful little city over on the ocean.

Love ya,

ange said...

we still have first dibs on Kyle right???