Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Big Celebration!!!!!

Edeline, Milouse, and Josiane are coming home!!!
This morning we heard news that had my heart pounding and had us screaming for joy! My very dear friend Ange finally got the news she has waited so long for. Her little girls are ready to come home. They are just waiting for their Visa appointment to be scheduled and WE will be on our way! Yes, We!! I've been offered the great honor of being there to help bring these sweethearts home. We may be traveling as soon as next week! Because our children are together in Haiti I will also be able to go and love on our kids!
Ange and family- Congratulations! We are as thrilled for you as if it were happening to us. We love your family and I thank you for such a great honor as being there for such a special event!


acceptancewithjoy said...

Angela, I am so glad you are getting to visit. I can't wait until you are hearing, MOI ~ done, passports ~ check, visa medical exams ~ check, check!

It won't be long now!!!

Angela said...

Thanks so much Julie. Just the thought gave me chills!!!!

Tim & Sarah said...

This is great wonderful news!

Ericka said...

How fun, how AWESOME!!!!!!
Have a WONDERFUL trip with your kiddos and helping Ange. You are a dear, dear friend and great support.
So happy for both of you.
Love and hugs!!!!!!

DotBlogger said...

oh this is so wonderful! We also got the great news that ONE of our daughters is out of MOI. However, our other daughter is still IN. :(
When you are there, please oh please oh please say hi to my two daughters. Yolanta (she's 5) and Quetelene (she's 3). congratulations everyone. We're all getting closer! ~Julie

The Haiti Lady said...

WOOT WOOT! Now that this is an official word and all.
Hug the Bernard's for me...Tell them I LOVE them!
Love you,

Amy said...

could you update about your friends son that was in the accident with the wall? Still holding him up in prayer. thanks!