Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is why we wait......

More pictures of our precious children from Bryn (thanks Bryn!!!)

Wow! Thank you so much for the great amount of kindness and encouragement so many of you sent to me after yesterday's post. I share my thoughts (even when they are not happy) for a couple reasons. One of them is that it's like therapy for me to put into words what I'm feeling, another is to share with other families that are adopting or considering adopting the truth about what our adoption journey is really like. For those in the process we can share that we all have down days in the long wait and it's so nice to know you are not going insane alone. It's nice to know I'll have company when I'm locked up one day. ;) Seriously... Thank you so much for your kindness!
Please continue to pray for all the families that are seperated from the children they love and having to endure such long unexpected waits to be with them. Last night before going to sleep I asked Jim to pray with me over all my concerns and frustrations and it's amazing how much peace I felt afterwards. It's so great to know that God really truly understands and is right here with us working out the details to the outcome that He already knows about.
I've also discovered that I seem to have the same plan for dealing with happy days and not so happy days.... going to Disneyland! Jim dropped off me and the boys yesterday and we got to spend a couple more hours with the Brady family before they headed home. Then we stayed until disneyland closed. We had some really great times together and I'm forced to focus on how fun our boys are and not worry about anything outside of that moment. While the boys played some games in the Innoventions center I was able to read a book to work on my Creole a bit. One of the employees asked me about it so I shared a little about our adoptions with him. He was very excited for us and our new family members. He left and came back with some tinkerbell pins for our girls and three 1st time vistor pins for me to give to Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie for their first visit to Disneyland. It took a long time to get back to practising my Creole as I sat there looking at those pins and thinking what it would be like to finally get to put them on them and bring them to Disneyland. I tried to think of all the amazing things they would see and do and imagine their reactions. I can't wait!!!! It really lifted my mood and I'm back to excitedly waiting for some news.

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Anonymous said...

Have you been to Aimee's blog? There is another photo of Lovenie enjoying a birthday party for Jaimee... with a pretty purple neclace!