Friday, February 15, 2008

Pictures from our Picnic

Blogger has decided it's okay for me to add pictures again so here they are:

In front of our home before taking off.
Meet Vern, our driver. We could not have asked for a nicer guy! He was so kind and fun. He told us that we should have fun and do whatever we want. He only had two rules~ Don't tear up his car and don't even think about opening our own door!

I looked up new recipies for this picnic and one of our favorites was these Strawberry Blossoms. Cut strawberries to make 6 petals, mix 3 oz. Cream Cheese with 2 T of Powdered Sugar and 1 T of Sour Cream. I put this mixture in a baggy and cut off the tip to fill the strawberrys. It was SOOO good!

We saw many houses we would love to stake our claim to. These houses Jim was especially drawn to because of their "play" features. This house had something like their own little beach in their yard and the house next to it had it's own full basketball court but none of that could compete with....

This house and the giant slide from it's second floor!
The Family

Me and my "babies"

Jim and his "babies"

Not long after we got home we were off again to run some errands. This is a picture of our boys going from limo to the back of our SUV with just as many smiles and very good sports about it!
So afterwards we had to go to a couple different places to take care of some very complicated stuff with our taxes. Nothing like jumping right back to reality but it had to be done. At the second place we went to is when I started getting really sick including an unstopable coughing fit that really didn't help get things done quickly but the taxes have been sent. Now we wait to see if we will be granted Tax ID numbers for our Haitian children or if it will be returned with a big rejection stamp.
Valentines Day was pretty mellow around here. We kind of felt like we had our big celebration already on Tuesday. I put a card and giant hershey's kiss on the counter for Jim to find in the morning. He was so touched since he knew I didn't have my license so I must have walked a few miles to the store and back with the kids to get it. Nah... I'm not THAT thoughtful. I simply purchased it while we were running errands the weekend before and hid it from him. The boys were as sweet as could be drawing us pictures and letters. Jim came home from work and since I still had the flu made me a romantic dinner of toast. That's all I could handle and we snuggled up and watched our favorite show (Lost). We did recieve a couple of very "sweet" surprises as a friend sent us See's Chocolates in the mail and another family of friends showed up at our door with the cutest basket of homemade chocolates, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries and other goodies. We have such thoughtful friends!
Still fighting the flu today and not getting much done. It looks like we will not be able to leave for Haiti next week as the Visa appointment could not be scheduled for that time. So we wait, which is something we've grown used to. This may actually be a very good thing as I need to get well again and Ange's family has been very sick too. I can't wait to get there and hug our kids (who have no idea I am coming) and see Ange bring her daughters home!


The Haiti Lady said...

The house with the slide is SAWEET!!!!

Love ya,

Ericka said...

Speaking of beautiful, look at YOUR family!!! Right back at 'cha :)
I LOVE the slide, I showed the boys, they cracked up!
I gotta try the strawberry recipe, it sounds soooo good :)