Saturday, March 01, 2008

Introducing our new home!

Front view w/3 car garage

Formal Living Room

Notice the 58" brand new Plasma TV? It STAYS ;)

Great Room

Formal Dining Room



Partial view of Kitchen
Side view of kitchen

Island, Kitchen Nook, Great room w/fireplace
It's a mix of stunned and giddy! What a whirlwind the last couple of days have been. God's so awesome the way He takes a bad situation and not only turns it in to our own good but it's SOOO good! Today we agreed to a 2 year lease in a new home and gave our notice where we are living. We would have never imagined we would be this excited about what was so stressful just yesterday. We will be moving to Lake Elsinore. Our new home is nestled in beautiful hills with a view of the lake and lots of windows and view of lights at night. It's a brand new house that the owner bought for his parents but his parents decided to stay in their home in Orange county. The owner is moving out of state and doesn't want to deal with moving or selling all the gorgeous (and brand new) furniture so has offered to leave it with us. Instead of moving our household of furniture we will just sell our stuff and move right in to a fully furnished new home! Woo Hoo!!! He is also allowing us a couple of weeks rent free to start moving our things in before we have to move out of this house which is a HUGE help! The backyard is not yet landscaped and he has offered us a say in how we want it and is even considering adding a pool if we would like that (uh... yeah!). The pictures above are ones that he sent us of the house that don't even begin to do the home justice. We don't have pictures of our favorite parts of the home like the Master bedroom with a gigantic walk in closet easily the size of another bedroom, or one of the biggest loft area's we've ever seen that is so big that we can have a roomy playroom in one half and the other half a roomy school room. No more school in the dinning room!!! The owner of the home is just super nice and easy going. I think it will be a real joy to deal with him. We made sure our adoptions would not be an issue and he's totally cool with our large family. The house is the same size only it is a 5br, 3 bath instead of our current 6 br, 4 bath. The extra square footage is invested in the huge loft and we totally prefer that. Oh... and it's not so shabby that we are saving $660 a month to live in this great place.
Cool, cool, cool!


The Haiti Lady said...

As my kids would say "That's Awesome!" Ok...I say it too...hehe
Love ya,

ManyBlessings said...

It's gorgeous!! It's so funny, because as I kept looking through the pictures, my first thought was "I wonder if they could keep the furniture. It fits so perfectly". What an answer to prayer!!! :) Now I can't wait to see the rest of your crew there. :)

Anonymous said...

How great is our God!!

Oh, Angela --- I am so excited for you! And I love the decor/furniture. What an added gift that you don't have to move yours.


Ericka said...

Ok, that is just CRAZY!!!!
My goodness is it beautiful!
Can I move in???
Angela, it is a TESTIMENT for the rest of us to see God's hand weaved in your life.
I'm still in shock of how beaufitul it is!

Rose Anne said...

It's beautiful! I am so happy for you, what a relief!
Now you can we can start the intense praying to get those 5 kids home.....
God Bless,
Rose Anne