Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sick Car Blues

So tomorrow is my behind the wheel driving test and this morning we have 2 of our 2 vehicles at the car doctor. Yesterday was a bit unpleasant. We had it all figured out. We managed to get our SUV to the mechanic on Friday morning and it was supposed to be fixed over the weekend so we could get it back on Monday. This didn't happen. We didn't hear from and couldn't reach the mechanic all weekend and then when we did finally reach him Monday morning it was to learn that it needed lots of work that they hadn't even started and what we thought would be a quick fix and cost a couple hundred dollars is really a big fix and will cost a couple thousand! Not happy. We quickly considered our options. It's been a great vehicle to us for the most part but it's now old and honestly not worth the cost of fixing it. Could we take that money and instead put it towards getting a new car? So we looked into that until we realized that we had to get this work done for it to pass a smog test so that we could get it registered (which is due today- not going to happen on time!). If it's not registered we can't even sell it or trade it in so we are kind of stuck with having to suck it up and do it! We are kind of sick about it but what can you do?

We thought the SUV would be all fixed up in time for me to use it for my driving test tomorrow but it will not be ready in time now that more work is being done. So what now? I can't use our van because the electric drivers side window has not worked in years. It's one of those things we kept meaning to get fixed but never got around to. A drivers side window that rolls up and down is a requirement for the test. We couldn't really put the van in the shop while the SUV is in the shop because Jim is swamped at work and needs a way to get there. Then we decide to just not stress about it and to get me a rental car to take the test in. I looked that up with DMV and in order for me to take the driving test in a rental I have to show them the contract in my name and insurance to cover it. That's when I realize... I can't rent a car without a license!! duh!!! ;) Soooo.... Last night Jim drove the van to the dealership where he was able to get a rental for work today. They told him the work would be done to the van before he got off work tonight. So after work, if all goes as planned... he will be picking up the van and driving it home and I will have it to drive for the test. Here's praying that it all goes without a hitch. One unexpected problem, part that needs to be ordered, slow working employee, etc, and I'm totally out of luck for tomorrow.

It hasn't been too fun around here since yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow is my test and afterwards we are going to sign papers on our new home. So hopefully tomorrow will bring lots to celebrate!

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Ericka said...

Hoping today is MUCH better day!!!!!!