Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our vacation time continues. It's not exactly a dream vacation as Jim and I pack and pack until we think we are going to drop. Each night so far we have called it quits for some family time. We have so much to get done this week but want to make sure that we do not end a vacation time having had no fun at all. Last night we all loaded up and had a pizza and drive in theater night. For those of you who know about one of our past trips to the drive in~ you will be glad to hear I am improving. Last night I did not startle anyone by opening their car door and begin to crawl in! I'm getting there... If I keep working at behaving my family may be less hesitant to take me places. I did get one complaint about my behavior last night though. We took the SUV this time and to get out I would climb off the bed we made and exit through the side door. I opened the door and got out and could see Johnny was waiting to come out the side door also but the car next to us was leaving so I closed the door and waited until it was safe to bring him out. He had a shocked look on his face and told me "You almost slapped me..... Twice!" WHAT? NO, I'm not a mom that slaps our kids so there must be some confusion. Johnny claims that I almost "slapped" him with the door in the face 2 times. This conversation led to two things: A lesson from me to Johnny about what the word exaggerate means, and Johnny got the nickname "Slappy" for the rest of the night. Next time we go I'll have to remember not to climb into bed in one of the cars of someone I don't know AND not to slap anyone. Hmmmm.... Maybe it's just best if I stay home!

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