Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I thought I would follow up real quick on what happened at yesterdays DMV hearing. Once again it did not go well... I have yet another medical evaluation form to have filled out by yet another doctor. Remember the months and months it took me to get the last ones filled out? Here's the kicker: Nine months ago I told my doctor and the insurance company which doctor and information made sense to me to turn into DMV. They insisted I was wrong and DMV went along with them. So I have my hearing (again) yesterday and the hearing officer seems baffled as to why he doesn't have the information that I said we should do 9 months ago. So now... another form, another doctor, likely many more months of battle. This hearing officer insists that this should be the last thing they ask me for but I can't for sure go back to him as I'm randomly scheduled with different officers and they all seem to have different ideas of what's needed.

I don't know why this is so difficult for everyone else (DMV, dr.'s, insurance) to understand. It seems pretty simple to me... One letter from one doctor that says I used to have seizures but I don't anymore. See, I did it in just a couple seconds! ;) So totally back to the beginning on this whole process and the last 9 months of frustration were all a waste of time. :(

We looked at more houses yesterday and they were all wonderful. We plan to continue looking this weekend. I'm exhausted today and have nothing at all interesting to say so I'll end this now.....

Hoping and praying for some good news to brighten this tough week!


One Crowded House said...

I am so sorry- you should be driving by now- I am always thankful for your positive attitude despite cruddy things.... praying Haiti sends you good news this week!

Anonymous said...

How utterly frustrating! It is a DMV saga that never seems to end for you! Kind of like a bad dream --- where you are trying to get somewhere and you never can quite get there --- even tho you keep trying and trying. I am so sorry!

So glad, tho, that God keeps sending you reminders that He's with you and sees it all.