Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Pancakes and Good Times

Johnny, Luke, and Kyle enjoying their green pancake breakfast
along with their new "pets"
My Mom and Dad, Jim, and the boys as
we enjoy our last meal of our mini vacation together

Do you like green pancakes and ham, Sam I am?

We are back from our mini vacation to hang out with my parents. We had a wonderful time! We love every moment we get to spend with them. Saturday night we went out to a celebration dinner and had so much to celebrate: Being together, my Dad starts a new job today (please pray for him!), Jim got a raise last week, and I may be driving in a couple days!

This morning I threw on my Green sweatshirt and then checked the boys and handing out "you're not wearing green" pinches. Kyle lucked out and had some green on. They all got excited and ran upstairs to make sure they had green on for the day. Johnny wanted to protect his new Teddy Bear and even threw a pair of his green shorts on him (in above picture). I was the HERO of the day when I made these green pancakes! We will probably do a craft later today too. Give me just about any excuse to celebrate and it will be done big around here. It's been said that I would celebrate the Grand Opening of a can of soup... so true!

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danellejoy said...

Angela! Cool pancakes! We had green macaroni and cheese for lunch...some years we've had green applesauce, but I like the pancake idea! Happy St. Patrick's day!