Monday, March 10, 2008


A couple news worthy happenings from the last few days:

Friday Kyle and Luke had their physical exams for our home study update. It went okay until poor little Luke had to get 4 shots, a TB test, and a blood test. I felt so bad for him but he was quite the trooper.
Saturday we looked at more homes in Lake Elsinore and believe we have decided on a new home. The paperwork is being processed and I'll share more about it when it is a done deal. We were going to go to an adoption party afterwards but it started getting late. We were filling out the paperwork while the kids played at a park and both Johnny and Luke managed to get hurt while playing and were kind of whimpery. They really did a have a reason to whimper but we could also tell they were totally exhausted~ we all were. So we headed home.
Sunday morning we all headed to church. Luke complained that he didn't feel good but we get on to him all the time for saying that because he just doesn't want to do something. He kept insisting that his stomach hurt and we kept thinking he was faking and hurried along. When we were almost to the church building Luke turned his head and hurled all over himself and on Jim's shirt (Jim was holding him). Jim rushed him to the bathroom where he continued to get very sick. We all turned around and headed home. As the day went on he also got a fever and then we noticed it.... His upper left arm was swollen to twice the normal size and was bright red as if it had been burned really bad. His sleeve was covering it so it took us a little while to notice it. He had received one of the shots on that arm on Friday. We realized he was having a reaction and off we were to Kaiser. He's well now!

Sunday around 1:30 AM we were woken up by an earthquake. I was awake for the rest of the night/morning.

Tomorrow we have our physicals (Jim and I) for our home study. If you think of it would you please say a prayer for me and my doctor? I saw him on Friday and we ended up in a tense 30 minute raised voice exchange over my DMV forms. He's decided he's not going to sign my new form (even though he had said he had no problem doing it 9 months ago!) and tried to pass it back to the Neurologists again-- I'm done with the neurologists and the whole thing was insane so lets just say he didn't like it when I told him so and I didn't like the insanity. So, I have to see him again tomorrow and honestly am dreading it.

Oh, last thing.... We also had to research what is really going on with home schooling in CA. You may be hearing all sorts of things in the media regarding the fact that Home Schooling in California is now illegal because of a new court ruling. We read the actual ruling and the media is doing a great job of wording it to make it sound way worse then it is. True that "home schooling" is "illegal" but they are not saying anything that hasn't already been established. Our family has a private school that is registered with the state. I have to keep files and be willing to be dropped in on for an audit but otherwise am teaching within the legal requirements to teach our children this way. The media is really wording things in a way that is causing panic for home schooling families and even worse... IMHO... is that it is sending the message to non home schoolers that it is illegal. There are ways to legally teach your own children but now it's likely many of us "home schoolers" are going to have the headache of constantly dealing with people saying to us "Isn't that illegal?" or being "turned in". So we will just continue to make sure we are doing it within the legal guidelines and not stress about it at all. Seems you just can't call it home schooling while you go about your home schooling. ;) No problem... for anyone wondering....our children attend a private school. This private school is conveniently located right below their bedrooms.


Beka said...

As always, you are in my daily prayers! I am sorry it didn't work out for you to come down. I missed seeing your sweet face.

Love ya!

Ericka said...

Love that, private school located right below their bedrooms!!!!
So sorry you are having a rough time.
Thinking of you - hope your baby feels better. Shots AND puking. What the heck? Poor baby :)

ange said...

I hope everyone is feeling better and that you aren't having to 'clean up' after anyone today. Post pictures when you hear something on the houses, I would love to see our vacation house!
I also love the location of the school,best place ever.
take care of you my friend and let me know how the dr. appt. went