Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spontaneous Vacationing

Why not plan getaways the same way we plan the rest of our lives... Spontaneously! It's been 4 months now since I've been able to throw my arms around my parents and give them a big hug. That's really too long to ask a grandparent to go without seeing their grandkids don't you think? We keep trying to figure out a time and way to see each other again but on both ends our lives have been just too busy. So here we are now getting ready for a move (also was pretty spontaneous) and my parents are starting a new and really exciting chapter in their lives and well... things are just going to get busier. So we will be seizing the weekend! Early Saturday morning my parents will be leaving from their home and we will be leaving ours and we will meet up in the middle. We will have Saturday to hang out together and stay at a hotel that night. Then will all return home on Sunday. We are so excited to see them we can barely contain ourselves!!!

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