Monday, March 03, 2008

What a week!

Okay, I know it's odd to title your blog "make fun of your day" and then be such a downer but it's been that kind of week so I'll just be honest about it. So I just shared with you all about the great house (below) that we are so excited about. We told the owner we wanted to move in and he said it was ours and he would get the lease written up and mail it to us... but verbally it was a done deal on both sides. That afternoon we gave our notice to the owners of the house we are in. Sunday we even started sorting and packing to get a jump start. Then this morning I get an email from the owner of the new home saying that he showed the house to another family the day after us and they really want it too so he's going to give it a few days consideration and will let us know who can move in. WHAT??? Can anyone just keep their word to us? Can anything go without great difficulty? There is nothing we can do about it since he did not have a lease ready we did not sign it so he's legally able to do this. However we are very concerned again about the size of our family. While he may not come out and say that as the reason we can't think of any other for him to consider someone else after we filled out the application and let him know we wanted it. We have a flawless rental record, good credit, Jim makes a 6 figure stable income, we have no pets and are non-smokers.... What's the deal?

I sure hope he won't keep us waiting long in suspense and I think I'll go ahead and start looking at other houses. Man! So I wish that was all but it's not.... Saturday night Jim went to run an errand. He was taking our SUV because we've needed new brakes on our van. We didn't rush to get the van fixed because we only have one driver so didn't really need it right away. So of course Jim tries to start our other vehicle and it's just totally dead. The battery is fine so it's likely a bigger problem. So we cancel our Saturday night plans, scramble to find an auto repair place that is open on a Sunday (Did you know most are closed Sundays? I do now!) and call AAA to tow the van. The good news is we got it back last night and Jim was able to drive for work today. We still need to get the SUV in and find our what the deal is and how much it will cost us.

Sooo.... due to all the moving issues and efforts and depending on how much our vehicles end up costing it may not work out for me to go to Haiti again! I think this would be the greatest disappointment out of all of this. I know without any doubt that it will all work out one way or another but when you are in the thick of it all it can just be really overwhelming. Currently experiencing too much overload. ;)

On a fun note~ Our boys had a sleepover last night and their best friend is here. He's such a great kid and it's such a treat to our kids when he gets to stay with us. It gets even better... He's not just staying for the fun of it.... His parents are at their Phsyc. Eval appointments for their adoption of his 14 year old sister from Haiti. I can't wait to celebrate with them about being one more big step closer to sending of their dossier!

Tomorrow is my DMV hearing so perhaps that will be the source of some good news for us.

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