Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day Before Easter Fun

Today was a fun packed day! We started off the fun at a farm where our Church hosted a Community Easter Event and fund raiser for the local library. They went all out with a bouncy house and slide, Candy gathering (shot from a corn launcher/cannon), pony rides for the little kids (Luke was uninterested), Wagon and pony rides for the bigger kids, Hay rides pulled by a big tractor, and more. Best of all~ it was all FREE. They also sold raffle tickets and collected books and all of it went to a local library.

Kyle enjoying the pony pulled wagon ride

Johnny gives us a wave but he didn't love the ride as it went fast and was really bumpy

The candy launcher to the right~ This it the stuff kid dreams are made of!

Johnny and Kyle waiting to pounce after the candy launcher is shot off

After the fun at the farm we went to a friends house for a BBQ/Pool party. It was the first swim of the season and we are all good and sunburned. It must be spring in California!

A good Dad+a little boy+a pool ALWAYS ='s a little boy flung into the air

The boys spent many hours in the pool. We are counting on some sound sleeping tonight!

The Happy Couple~ Happily soaking up the sunshine

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