Monday, March 24, 2008

No Shoes, No Shirt... We'll let it Slide

We had a really beautiful Easter Celebration Day! We started out at church. Jim and I had the great fun of greeting everyone at the front door and giving out bulletins and gift bags to the kids. Then we came home for some family fun. It was 88 outside and so we took advantage of the warm weather and put up the kids waterslide. They were so excited!


It was no ordinary Easter hunt. Instead of Eggs we wrapped up candy and money in white tissue paper and tied it together with white ribbons.


Kyle and Johnny

Water fight!

After the hunt the boys unwrapped each present to see what they got. Not only candy but also quarters and dollar bills. They were so excited about the money and when Luke opened up his second $1 bill present he yelled "I'm RICH!"

Dinner was amazing. I'm allergic to pork so we don't do the ham on Holidays... so we had to suffer through some delicious BBQ'd steaks instead. We all came to the table exhausted from all the fun. The boys came in their swimsuits, and I was in PJ's by then. No fancy Easter dress for dinner for us! It was a really wonderful and memorable family day that left us all feeling very happy and relaxed.

The vacation continues as Jim is off work all of this week. We will mostly be using these days to pack, clean, and take care of errands but we do have some plans to throw in some fun along the way!


Anonymous said...

Let's see......88', sunshine, and water in CA ---- and a gray, cloudy, snowy day in IL. Why didn't I plan an Easter trip to CA this year?!

I'm so jealous -- but, looks like you guys had lots of fun :-)


The Haiti Lady said...

88*...I am so jealous!
Saw Stephanie in Haiti this last week....what a doll. I have a pic of her for you!
Love ya,

Ericka said...

88 degrees...... can't even deal......
Hoping your packing is going well....enjoy your week with daddy home :)