Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What will Date 4 be????

Tomorrow we have our date 4 of 10 planned. I'm wondering if anyone can guess what we have planned? (Keeping in mind that the rest of the dates will all be in Southern CA). As a reminder of what we have done so far:

Date 1- Reminiscent, Reenacted our first date and hang outs from our dating stage.
Date 2- Relaxing, Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
Date 3- Romantic, Gondola ride

Date 4, just like all the other dates, will be TOTALLY different from the previous ones and lots of fun. I'm so glad we decided on the date plan for our 10th Anniversary, especially since they will likely need to hold us over for many more years. ;) We are having such a great time that I can hardly believe we are not even half way done yet. Thanks for everyone sharing in on our fun with us! Your comments from Date 3 were very fun to read and it was great to be able to share it. Now... I can't wait to hear if anyone can figure out what we might be doing tomorrow. Please post any guesses and you just might give us ideas for future dates!

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Anonymous said...

Horseback riding?? :-)