Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Late but PRECIOUS Christmas gift!!!!!!

We received this in our mail box just now! What a wonderful gift!!! It's medicine to the aching heart to see them looking so healthy and happy!!!! WHEN will someone invent a computer that will allow me to hug and kiss them through their pictures???

We are not sure why Jacques is not included in this update but knowing that Kez is there with him we are sure to get plenty of pictures of our sweet son when she gets home. Also, still missing is Vilner who we believe to still be living with his Birth Mom instead of the orphanage which is where we believe he is supposed to be for now. Please continue to cover him and his Mom in your prayers as food is very scarce where they live and violence is unlike anything we could imagine.

Here's our December update:

The monthly updates is brought to you as you were surely waiting for it.
Stephanie: 86 lbs 59 inches.
Jude: 54 lbs & 52 inches.
Lovenie: 20 lbs & 35½ inches( Last month it was not 45 inches, it was 35. question of typing, please understand). They are in perfect health, the picture will give you a clear idea.
Your dossier is now in MOI. Stephanie & Lovenie entered on november 6th, the numbers are respectively( # 3757 & # 3760). Jude entered on December 5th, the number is # 3839.
God Bless you always!!!!!!!
NLL, Reginald

So... The kids are doing well. ALL 3 of them are finally in MOI! HUGE praises and celebration as we no longer have to wonder about Jude's file!!!!! Lovenie continues to take on a look of a healthy glow we thought we might not ever see in her. God is surely answering our prayers and we thank Him for such beautiful blessings!!!!!!!!

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acceptancewithjoy said...

Angela, The kids do look wonderful! I am so glad you are in MOI now. I hope that your paperwork is carried on wings ~ right to the director's desk and you will soon have passport approval.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support through my recent mental breakdown. It seems I can't stay up during the winter holidays... this probably means that I need to relook at the priority I place on Christmas in regards to the rest of the year. Perhaps, just perhaps, my focus in less on the Incarnation of Christ than I would like to believe.