Friday, December 07, 2007

News about our children

Since the internet is currently not working at NLL and HFC I've been really missing letters to and from our children. So it's exciting to get any word or stories about them while we wait for contact again. Today I received this information from my friend Bryn who is now living with the kids (please pray for her adjustment there):

The past few days Jacques greeted me with a hug, and I could count on Jude for smile!
Stephanie has been a godsend. She was by my side for the first few days - on Thursday night she knew I needed water and she ran all over the building trying to find someone to unlock to freezer. She's a sweetie.

Also, I just learned that James (Bryn's brother in-law) has just returned from Haiti and brought with him letters from our children that they will be mailing to us. I can't wait to get them!!!

After posting about our first date I also received this information from Kez:
I told Jacques about your "first date" with Jim from this weekend. He thought it was hysterical. After we talked about how married couples are allowed to do romantic stuff too, he said "OK, it's not blaze" but he was still laughing. (Blaze means crazy)

It's so much fun to have these insights to their personalities and how they are doing. I can't wait until I am the one that gets to update others on the things our kids do, say, or are feeling but until then these tidbits are priceless!


The Haiti Lady said...

How would you pronounce Blaze? Fou (Foo) is also Crazy in Creole.
Love ya,

The Haiti Lady said...

Oh, I also forgot to post that my family, Beki, that was just in Haiti met James in Haiti at the airport. She thought he was very kind! Tell him thank you for me for the help he gave her!!!
Lov eya,

Angela said...

Hi LeAnne,

Blaze is pronounced pretty much like blahzay and I get the impression that it's used as a playful/silly crazy as the kids like to tease with that word a lot.

James is really such a nice man and Mandy's as sweet as can be too. I got to hang out with them and their kids recently and they are the kind of people you just instantly like and feel like you have always known. Job and Bernadin will be going home to a very sweet Mom and Dad, and their siblings are as precious as it gets!