Friday, December 14, 2007

Down with the tree!

A guest post by Mama Scrooge: This year we upgraded our fake Christmas tree from a 7' to a 9' so it was our first time to use this tree. I know I'm at least mildly allergic to the fake trees because I get itchy all over when I touch it.
For the last couple weeks Johnny has had a bad mysterious cough. He insists he does not feel sick but continues to cough none-the-less. A couple days ago I realized that it's been almost two weeks and his cough is not improving. Meanwhile, I've had a sore throat that just wouldn't go away and Jim has been congested. I wrote it all off as a winter cold in our house. It wasn't until I started thinking back to when we all started feeling bad that it occurred to me that it was the weekend we started putting out our Christmas decorations--including the tree. Then Johnny and I sat on the couch near the tree while watching a movie together. The whole time we were both coughing, sneezing, and rubbing our eyes. That's when it (Finally) hit me... It's the tree! We are allergic to the TREE!!! How sad that it took me two weeks to figure it out! So last night I took off each ornament and all the lights. I disassembled the tree and put it back in it's box. When Johnny came in the room while I was taking it apart he started coughing so hard I was worried he was having trouble breathing. I had to send him out until it was done and the room aired out. And this morning... my 2 week long sore throat is GONE and Johnny's cough is much better all ready.
So a little bah-hum-buggin' for the health of the family! Surely this could be forgiven?

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