Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Enchanted in Reverse

By now you've probably seen the trailer for the movie Enchanted where the princess somehow gets from her animated fairy tale and enters "the real world". Well, today I felt like the movie Enchanted happened in reverse to me. I got to leave the real world and fell in to a fairy tale perfect day! Today was date 2 of our 10 date plan and it was FANTASTIC! We went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa for the day and indulged in mud baths, mineral baths, sauna's, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, lounge pools, hot saline pool, and so much more. We are so relaxed that we both hardly want to move now that we are home. If anyone reading this lives in So CA. or visits I would totally encourage you to spend the day relaxing in this paradise. It was perfect timing as yesterday was filled with frustrations trying to deal with DMV and Kaiser at what seems like the nearly impossible task of getting my license and this morning before leaving we learned that Jude still has not entered MOI which sets us back a couple months again from when we thought they might be home. We are used to this kind of news and continue to say "In God's timing". Nevertheless, it was fantastic to laugh, lounge, and soak any and all stress away.
Delicious lunch on the balcony at the spa cafe where we soaked up sunshine and enjoyed the gorgeous views. For the last several days it has been cold and overcast but today for our special date God cleared the sky and gave us beautiful sunshine and at times we were even too hot and had to seek out shade. Nothing like a sunburn in December. ;)
One of the views of our paradise from our lunch table

Another view from our lunch table showing the surrounding mountains. The grounds had the most beautiful trees, exotic flowers, big fountains. It was like being back at Maui on our Honeymoon again. Who would have guessed this was just 20 minutes from our home? This picture shows part of the lounge pool that is only 2 feet deep and 95 degrees. They have great mats for just laying out in the sun. We found a sunny spot and read for a little while. By the time we hit the lounge pool we were goofy from all the sunshine and relaxation and were laughing hard at nothing at all-- very fun.

Jim treated me to a trip to the Grotto. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but LOVED it!!! You are taken down to a warm underground cave by an elevator. In the first cave they caked on (with a big paint brush) the most wonderful and thick green moisturizer. Even the moisturizer was warm and felt fantastic. Then I went through a door into another area of the cave where you sit under heaters by waterfalls letting the moisturizer sink in to your skin and relaxing. Then you move on to the next station where you shower in another cave to wash it off. It was one of the greatest showers I've ever had and I was in no hurry to leave it. The last area of the Grotto caves was a lounge area with warm herbal tea to just relax and enjoy the fountains and cave while chatting with others in a great mood too.
I accidentally uploaded the pictures a bit backwards and am too relaxed (lazy) to fix it so bare with me please. One of the funnest and weirdest part of the day was the Hot Springs Red Clay Mud Bath. Jim and I had fun flinging Mud at each other and the clay felt great. The idea is to cover your body up with it and then let it dry in the sun or Waffa room (below). Then you wash it off and it's excellent for exfoliating. The whole thing was great until the mud started to dry. You know by now I don't like anything that even resembles getting dirty but I didn't realize until today how much I dislike it. As the mud began to dry on my body the feeling just freaked me out and I nearly ran to the nearest cave shower (above) and couldn't get it washed off fast enough! Other then that the rest of the mud bath was actually fun.

Jim in the Waffa- a warm cave like room to sit in so that the mud will dry.

Me in the Waffa- It was not long after this picture that I was nearly running to the shower.

Something you will hopefully never see again. Me COVERED in mud! Check out how one foot is not covered and it gives you an idea of what a blindingly white girl I am under all that mud.

Nothing says romantic like being covered in caked on mud.

My handsome prince in front of one of the fountains. There's no one in this world I would rather have spent this day with. He's so much fun. We were so happy and having so much fun laughing together that someone asked us if we were there on our honeymoon-- not bad after 10 years. ;)


ange said...

wow it sounds like you had a GREAT day! I am glad you shared pictures, I had NO idea things like that were even around. You look GREAT by the way! any news on that license? as soon as you get it could you drive here to see me?

Angela said...

Thanks Ange,

How about you round up the girlfriends and head this way and I'll meet you at the spa?! ;)

I almost posted an update about what's going on with my license but it's too dreary to even post so it sits as a draft...yep--that bad. Our kids may be home before I drive again if things continue as they are and I'm not expecting the kids real soon anymore. :( Boo hoo...poor me. ;)

Love you lots,

Beka said...

I love those pictures, Angela. It made me laugh to hear your mud story since I have figured out you are not a camping, no showers, etc...kind of friend. :-)

Ericka said...

Ok, THAT looked gorgeous!!! How relaxing!!
And you are one brave girl posting pics in bathing suits :)
Seriously, I sent the name of the place on to my brother, his anniversary is coming up :)
Have a GREAT time with your girlfriend and her kids!!!!