Thursday, December 13, 2007

News from the US side of things..

No pictures to post of the family from the US side as our camera has gone on to camera heaven. We were very sad to see it go, but what can you do?

So the news from here:

We are all over our colds-- WOO HOO!!

Jim is in Louisville, Kentucky. He was sent on a short business trip. I'm grateful to have such a great marriage that we both can't stand even a few short days apart and that he does not have a job that takes him away from home often. He got to his hotel last night with all sorts of stories of traveling mishaps. The one that shocked me was that he had a horrible dinner. What's all this we are hearing of great Southern cooking?? Then again he did order Salmon (that's so CA) when maybe he should have gone with the CHICKEN. :) He will get home very late tomorrow night.

Meanwhile we are so totally vegging at home. It really might be considered out of control chillin'. Little work, pre-made meals from the freezer, book reading, game playing, movie watching... yep tough days at home. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Before all this chillin' was happening we had a lot of fun things going on. Last Thursday to Sunday night we got to hang out with my friend Ali and her sons. They are such a great family and we enjoyed them so much! We ended our time together with a bang and spent 12 hours together at Disneyland on Sunday. Also a brand new movie theater just opened up near us and offered cheap movies before their official grand opening. How could we pass that up? Monday night our family, and friends Debbie and Andrew, all went to see Nancy Drew. It was a great family movie- even Luke surprised us by liking it! There were a few parts where kids would get startled and scream and everyone in the theater would burst into laughter. Much fun! On Tuesday Debbie was kind enough to pick up me and the boys and drop us off at the theater for more movies (thanks Debbie!). We saw Mr. Bean's Holiday which we all thought was hysterical. I really think you would have to be in the right mood for it...and we were. Plus to add to the fun we sat next to a really sweet young guy that was laughing so hard, stomping his feet and clapping his hands, that it made us laugh even harder. It reminded me of watching movies with the teens at HFC and how hard they would laugh and stomp at all the funny parts. I got to go out to lunch with my 3 handsome boys between movies. Then we headed back to see Daddy Day Camp. By then we were all tired and cold and not really in a movie mood anymore. Plus we didn't have our new friend next to us making it even more fun. The movie was a bit of a let down after Mr. Bean (tough act to follow).

I still do not have a drivers license. It insures that we stay put at home until Jim gets back. ;) I won't even go in to the details of why I still can't drive. Let's just say DMV and HMO are totally bad words around here these days!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny that you liked the Mr Bean movie. I took Joshua and Abby and we all agreed it was the worse movie we'd ever seen! Joshua kept wanting to leave in the middle and Abby kept saying -- "this is a dumb movie". Phil has been wanting to go see it, and we keep telling him 'not to waste his money'. Now, that he heard you guys liked it, he's ready to go. Of course, we were not familiar with Mr Bean before we went --- some people say you need to understand his humor.


Angela said...

It is totally one of those kinds of movies you will either love or hate. There's really no in between. :) I think Phil would love it! Haha. Tell him to come watch it with us. Jim hasn't seen it yet either.