Thursday, December 20, 2007

No Snake for Christmas

My stocking will not be stuffed with a real snake this year. :( I thought it was really funny yesterday when Jim told me he considered getting me a snake for Christmas but now is just not the right timing. We are not sure how our newest family members would feel about a pet snake. I know it seems a strange thing but I've wanted a pet snake for years. I've had several friends with pet snakes and whenever we go to their house I'm the first one to get all excited and beg the snake owner to bring it out and let me play with it! I love how their skin feels when they slither around you, there's nothing like it! There is a nearby reptile store that I can go to and hold their snakes when I need a "fix". For now we'll wait and make sure everyone will be able to sleep well at night with a snake in our house before bringing one home but it would have been a really fun gift to pull out of my stocking! ;)

Thanks for considering it Jim!

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The Haiti Lady said...

EEEEWWWWW...has anyone ever told you that snakes eat other living things??? You wouldn't want that would you ? hehe
When I see snakes one of two things happen: I coil in fear and stand there like an idiot not able to move another inch until it is gone OR I run away screaming like a ninny...high pitch girlie scream...kind of funny to see form the outsiders point of view.
Love ya,