Thursday, December 13, 2007

More from Haiti

Princess Stephanie in the babies room
Lovenie is "too cool for school" first she's sleeping in class but then she's so bright she's gotta wear shades!

Jude in his school uniform with THAT smile. What a sweet boy he is!

Along with these new pictures I received from Casey who just picked up her children (Congratulations Casey!!!), she also sent me this message:
Stephanie was so sweet and wanted to know if I knew "Ahhnn geee la." She beamed when I said yes and asked me to tell you she loves you. She wanted a picture made with both of my children. Jude was only too willing to smile for the camera.


ange said...

the little kids take naps (or rest) during school time, it is always fun to walk by their class and see those little heads on the tables! your little Love is going to school, HOW SWEET IS THAT!!! Precious gifts from the Lord.

The Tacheny's said...

Even I love your update photos and I have never met you or your kids!!! :)

Mandy said...

Oh Angela!!! That is my little Afterley "deep in conversation" with Lovenie at the table. See, they already know they are going to come home and be life long friends!! :)

Angela said...

That's SOOOOOOO cool!!! I knew Jacques, Stephanie, and Jude would know Bernadin and Job and that our US kids know and like your US kids...but who would have thought our Lovenie and your Afterley would be friends also???