Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ocean Oasis

One main wall of fish, blue Satin swag on ceiling, partial view of waterfall bed canopy
Room Overview- blue satin everywhere!

Waterfall Canopy over beds

The boys making fish faces on the top bunk under the waterfall-

Kyle and Jude's room is officially redecorated! Thomas the Tank Engine is gone and has been replaced with Kyles request for an underwater bedroom. Most of the room is covered in shiny blue satin material that swags from the ceiling and over the walls in 4 slightly different blue tones to give it a very cool and very relaxing underwater feel. The big project was the giant waterfall canopy over the bunk beds. We were so excited about how the room turned out that we threatened to kick out Jude and Kyle and take over the room for ourselves! I couldn't quite capture it all with the camera but it's blue shimmery satin everywhere and so very awesome!

We are exhausted but Johnny and Luke's room is still half Thomas half the new theme and all the old stuff is crowded in the room or spilled into the hallway so it looks like another all nighter to get that one done. Now that they have seen Kyle and Jude's room they are anxious to have their new hangout done.

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Alexandria said...

You are ridiculously talented!!